Blog 1:  What is Instructional Design by Lori Zalivansky on November 8, 2010.

That is the question I’m asked every time I tell someone what I got my degree in or what I do for a living. What is instructional design? How do I explain this ever-changing field? I could give them the textbook definition—instructional design is the practice of arranging media and content to help learners and teachers transfer knowledge most effectively. But this definition is only the tip of the instructional-design iceberg.

In this blog, Lori explains what is an instructional design.  I really enjoyed reading her blog because I have asked the same questions before entering into Walden.  She gave the history of how the World War II was faced with challenges of training a large number of people to use complex machinery and after the great success of the training, a lot of businesses started creating their own training program which started instructional .  I enjoyed learning about how it got started and how can one ideal can turn into a trend and a trend then becomes Instructional Design.  Lori also explained how at DePaul is incorporating instructional design to help instructors create courses that are taught.  This is what I am doing now as a Business/Industry Specialist creating  training in 3D.  Nice Blog. So excited to learn more about blogging.

 Blog 2:  What Everybody Ought to Know About Instructional Design by Tom Kuhlmann on July 22,2008

In an earlier post, we looked at how to build better courses by trimming out some of the content.  Many of the follow-up comments and questions speak to your role as an instructional designer.  In fact, it’s a question I was asked in a recent email:What is the role of the instructional designer?  And how do I convey that to my clients and subject matter experts?As I was contemplating a response, I stumbled upon this video that does a great job illustrating the value of instructional design.  Watch the video first and then I’ve got a few observations.  If you don’t have access to YouTube, click the link below the video.

 Tom Kuhlmann has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate. He created a video that illustration some key points concerning instructional design. I really enjoyed this video.   Tom also shares practical tips and tricks to help you become a rapid e-learning  pro.  Some of his tips were very helpful on what you need to know about instructional design.  After reading this blog, I have a clear understanding of  my role as an instructional design and how I can create different resources that will improve on training and learning. Check out his video and pay attention.

Blog 3: Instructional Design Experience Before Your First Job by Christy Tucker posted Tue, 11 Jan 2011


It feels like a catch-22 for many people trying to get that first ID job: you can’t get any experience until you get a job, and you can’t get a job without experience. For people with a master’s degree or certificate, it’s less challenging, especially for those who built portfolios as part of their educational programs. But what about teachers, trainers, or technical writers who are learning on their own and want to demonstrate how their existing skills can transfer to ID? If you’re someone looking to transition from another field into instructional design, what do you create for your portfolio to prove your skills?

Now, I was very pleased with this blog from Christy.  She  gave some  great tips on ways to prepare you for an ID job. I agree with her on the process on getting your first job.  Before becoming a Business/Industry Specialist, I was a Job Coach and my role was to help students with employment.  I had to train them on how to interview/dress for an interview, write a resume, and how to fill out an application.  The biggest challenges with some of the students were; no job experience and no education.  So my job was to train and help improve on their job acquisition skills(resume, interview, & application).  I enjoyed and was reconnected with this blog because of my previous role.